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Author: Jedha Dening

Five Golden Rules for Setting Health Goals

1. Set realistic goals. Yeah, yeah, we’ve heard about being realistic before. And there’s a perfectly good reason why it’s often at the top of the list—because it’s so true! You have to be realistic. Let’s say one of your health goals is to lose weight. Yes, we all want it now. But, it’s simply not realistic to expect to lose 50 pounds in a month. It’s just not going to happen. When you set...
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Are You Making These Food Tracking Mistakes?

You’ve probably heard that food tracking is one of the best ways to lose weight or get your health on track. And it’s definitely true. Most nutritionists, dietitians and health coaches will also recommend it as one of the most effective strategies to reach your personal health goals. However, when it comes to food tracking, there are some common mistakes people make that can really slow down pr...
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Your Doctor Said You Have Pre-Diabetes, Now What?

Feeling stressed because your doctor said you have pre-diabetes? I totally understand. Being given the news of something wrong with your health is always overwhelming, especially because it usually means you need to make changes—changes you weren’t expecting that may seem a little confusing. Today I’m here to help you feel a bit more confident so you know exactly what to do to take good car...
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Diabetes and Candy, Oh My! A Diabetic’s Guide to Sweets on Valentine’s Day

When you have diabetes, special events like Valentine’s Day can leave you feeling a bit like an outsider. It just seems like everywhere you go people are exchanging chocolate and candy gifts. And if you take an outing to the store, you’re confronted by...you guessed it, more candy and chocolate treats! As a diabetic you likely know that sugar and carbs are the thing that influences your blood s...
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