Curbing The Sweet Cravings - No Problem

Curbing The Sweet Cravings – No Problem

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I don’t believe cravings are the problem. I believe they are the solution. Cravings indicate a fundamental element in your life that is out of balance. A craving is a knock at the door. Do you hear it? It’s trying to get your attention.

Have you ever notice when you’re feeling lonely, you want something creamy, sweet and comforting? What is the underlying cause? Let’s take a look at the why what and then how to curb this habit and shift to a healthier lifestyle.

Why do we crave sweet? The answer is simple; our bodies are wired for sweetness? We want to taste it. We want to feel it. We want to experience it. A recurring sweet tooth is the best time to take a look at the type of sweets you are consuming.

The What. Are you eating your feelings? Are you eating because you are angry? Are your sugar-filled choices nourishing your body or are they simply a quick fix that leaves you unfulfilled and wanting more?

In my holistic practice, sugar cravings are a key identifier that gives me insight into relation-ships. When sugar cravings are up, chances are our relationships are out of balance, making us turn to food. We turn to food because it’s so readily available and we use it to numb out or avoid what is really going on.

How to curb this habit. The two best solutions I’ve found for controlling sugar cravings is adding in the good, which leaves little room for the bad.

Begin by applying the 5210 method. Get five fruits and vegetables per day – these are the right kind of sweet your body needs. Limit your television time to 2 hours per day – this is where most overeating and numbing out occurs. Incorporate 1 hour of physical activity per day breaking a sweat. Consume 0 processed sugars or junk food – these items cause you to become addicted and leave you wanting more.

Second, use a tongue cleaner after you brush your teeth. Why may you ask? Cravings are reduced by cleaning the tongue of leftover food. When the mouth can still taste the food, you may experience cravings for previously eaten foods.

A tongue cleaner reverses the process of desensitizing your taste buds, which has happened to everyone to a greater or lesser extent. It allows you to taste more subtle flavors in food so that you can eat vegetables, fruits and whole grains with greater joy. When the old residue on the tongue is removed, you will be able to taste your food better and won’t need to eat as much since you will have gained greater satisfaction from your meal. You can easily order a tongue cleaner on for approximately $6.

These simple changes will go a long way to help curb your desire for sweets. Be Well.

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