Contemplating Fitness

Contemplating Fitness

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The agony of fitness may be in the contemplation

Many of us know we would benefit from losing a pound or two, eating healthier, or working out a little more.  We have lofty ideas of how we could look and feel if we could only ________.  We would be sexier, smarter, earn more money, have more friends.  Irresistible in every way possible.  But then, the haunting echoes of criticisms past, from others or ourselves, ring in our ears reminding us we know we are not where we should be physically.  And we have a LONG way to go. This torments us more than anything, emotionally.  We feel stuck and then eat even more out of desperation. This article will offer an insight into how to break out of feeling stuck.  The key is thinking small steps.

Start small -As a WellPledge coach I find that many start their road to fitness with huge goals like losing 100 pounds in 6 months, while others do not have a goal at all.  One is fixated on the beauty of the mountain peak, while the latter just wanders in a general direction.   The danger in the first is that the planning is missing.   The latter lacks direction, so one will never know if they meet a goal because it was never specified.  Starting small is a way to gain confidence and motivation, gradually.

If you are overweight and you hate working out, you hate gyms, or you hate moving, start with standing. Yes, just standing.  Watch your favorite shows, while standing for 30 min to an hour.  Once your confidence builds, you may choose more movement and park your car further away from the grocery store door. Clean your home.  At the dinner table, you may swap a glass of your sugary soda for water.  Trade your Cheetos for some nuts.  Start off your meals with a full glass of water appetizer.  Forgo beer for wine. Use smaller plates. Purchase a pair of pants you feel ok wearing while working out.  THEN, consider that gym membership.

These easy tips are inexpensive, do not interfere much with others, and do not require significant demands on time.  What I also like about these tips is that they offer small steps with immediate gratification.  For example, you eat on a smaller plate; it’s a win.  Step 2, you become more aware of how many portions you take, which is a win.  Step 3, aim to cut back on the meals, a win.  Step 4, the nutrition in the servings – a major win.  All of this equates to a shift in thinking and weight loss.

So contrary to popular belief, the journey to better living is more than shedding major pounds, for that is the thought that often overwhelms and leads to giving up.  Instead, if we can have patience and can commit to the smaller steps, we will see greater success and a healthy lifestyle we can maintain over time.

Be tenacious – today!


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