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Feeding Yourself Authentically – 3 Cravings That Get to the Root

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I don’t believe cravings are the problem. I believe they are the solution. Cravings usually indicate something in your life that needs attention. Ever notice when you’re feeling lonely, you want sugar? Ever wonder why the bag of chips is empty, yet, you’re still hungry? Ever wonder what is the underlying cause of your cravings? Let’s dig in and get to the root.

Sweet Cravings – Our bodies are wired for sweetness. We want to taste it. We want to experience it. In order to understand what the body needs, we must become more in tune with the ‘what’ and ‘why’ of our food choices. A recurring sweet tooth is a great time to take a look at the type of sweets you are consuming. Are you really nourishing your body or is it a quick fix, that leaves you unfulfilled?

You should also look at your relationships both personally and professionally. Are they uplifting or draining? Do they leave you feeling inspired or depleted?

Truth #1 – if you are not satisfied in your relationships, you will find comfort in eating sweet foods to fill the void. So what should you do about it? Start by creating sweeter experiences. Pick up the phone instead of sending a text. Schedule a date night and be present. Incorporate more sweet fruits and sweet vegetables. Then, see what happens.

Salt Cravings – Our bodies are wired to crave salt. Remember that bag of chips? The perfect combination of crunch and salt! Craving salt is an indicator that your body could be asking for more minerals from mixed greens like romaine, spinach, and arugula. While craving crunchy can be a sign that your body wants more nutrients from whole foods.

We can get the crunch our body needs from carrots, cucumbers and celery and feel satisfied. Eating chips is ok once in a while, but the body isn’t designed to handle processed oils and doesn’t nourish you properly.

Truth #2 – Incorporate more greens into your diet with a salad, green juice or green smoothie. Purchase a sea salt for cooking and incorporate more sea vegetables like seaweed, kelp or kale chips, which are naturally salty and high in minerals.

Movement Cravings – Today, screens are everywhere, from phones to tablets to computers and more. This means more sitting and more stress on the body and strain on our eyes. This creates tension, inflammation and pain in the body. Some try to mask this feeling with sugar and alcohol, which makes it worse.  Exercise is a great way to release the tension. Start small and listen to your body.

Truth #3 – Try a walk outside in nature or join a gym. It doesn’t matter what you do, it only matters that you start.

I’ve found the best solution for nourishing these cravings is adding more good, which leaves less room for bad. Trust your cravings and listen to your body. They’re trying to get your attention in a big way.

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