Keeping exercise routine

Keeping the exercise routine

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Mind over matter

By Erica L. Green, MA2, LPC, MPH, CADC

C’mon…C’mon…You can do it. Done!

Whether we are an Olympian, a weekend warrior, or a recovering couch potato with armchair quarterback accolades, we all have our days. You know, the days when we need to pull from our reserve energy tanks to do what came easy, as recent as yesterday. Oh, and I must add the feat today is to get out of bed. You peer across your bedroom and see your running shoes. They beckon you, but you’re mentally not listening today. How do we find the motivation to keep up with exercise when we are mentally drained? Here are three tips on how to push yourself, when the mind and body are giving you total resistance.

  1. Vision -Most of us are working out for a reason, the greater good as some would say. What is it for you? So you feel better? You want your clothes to hang a little better-less clingy. Maybe you have an age milestone coming up that you want to crush. No matter the reason, try jotting it down on a Post-it. Let’s say three Post-its. Put one Post-it by your bed, on your alarm so you will see it when you wake-up. Put the second on the bathroom mirror. Why? Because for some reason many of us seem to get sidetracked when we look in the mirror. Lastly, put the remaining one on the refrigerator. This last one serves as a lifeline. For some the refrigerator is like quicksand. Once in, there is no easy way to get out without a rope tethered to something stable -like your vision.
  2. Music -There is a ton of research out there that supports the power of music. Hearing a certain song can spur memories, fuel focus, passion, and drive. Olympians enter their event with headphones listening music to keep them focused. At the end of the event, a national anthem can bring even the strongest competitors to tears. What songs inspire you? There are a few websites that share the play lists of the greatest athletes. Maybe they can inspire your list. Many Major League Baseball players have a walk up song when they come to the plate. Perhaps a wake-up song alarm is in order to start your day.
  3. Is it you who you are following -Sure, we look to the great athletes for inspiration, but maybe we have something to offer ourselves. If we do something awesome today how do we know? How do we remember? Keeping record of our own accomplishments, even the small ones. It’s a great way to keep you going. Achievements can be a small as exercising two days in a row, to achieving a personal best, completing a 5K and so on.

Some need more encouragement in the beginning stages while others it may be a plateau. Distractions always come up, it’s just a matter of how persuaded we are by them. We’d love to hear what keeps you focused and motivated. Send us a message.

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