The Importance of Health Care Screenings in the Prevention of Disease

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David A. DiLoreto, MD

“An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure” was Benjamin Franklin’s word to his readers two hundred and fifty years ago. And with the cost of health care still rising, and people paying more out of their own pockets for medical care, an ounce of prevention today is worth far more than a pound of cure 250 years ago.

Regular checkups with your primary care provider are one of the best ways to receive preventive screening services. In recent years health insurers, including government insurance programs like Medicare and the health plans that are available on the new health insurance exchanges, completely cover the cost of preventive services.

Eliminating out-of-pocket costs removes a significant barrier to receiving preventive services. So what’s keeping more people from getting tests that have been proven to be effective in preventing disease? Sometimes people are not aware of the importance of screening tests. Please discuss them with your primary care physician. WellPledge health coaches are professional health care providers that can help you understand the importance and availability of preventive health services. A list of recommended preventive services can be found here.

The best prevention is to take a positive attitude about getting informed and pledging to take action to look after your health and the health of those you love. Whether it’s a blood pressure check, a cholesterol test or a flu shot, an ounce of prevention today will go a long way to avoiding more costly action tomorrow.

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