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Back to Basics- Getting back to the routine

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Some easy steps toward your new normal

By Erica L. Green, MA2, LPC, MPH, CADC

If change was easy, there would not be countless theories, books, motivational speakers, and I dare say blogs to get us inspired to pursue an alleged better life.  We have this routine we want to embrace, but at times we feel stuck. Perhaps we are stuck not because we don’t want it, maybe we just don’t know how to get there or how to even begin.  I like to think of it as that dream vacation.  We may have the resources for the vacation, but maybe we get lost in the planning and never make it out of the door.  In this blog, allow me to be your concierge or travel agent to reach that lovely destination or relocation spot (otherwise known as your optimal daily routine).

Where is your destination – Ok, so what routine do you want to start? Please bear with me as I keep the travel theme going here.  Or, to what culture do you wish to move?  Is it a more active culture versus a coach bound?  Is it a more kale infused society?  Is it a voyage to an energy conscious protein packed metropolis or a low sugar town? Is it a temporary lose 25 lbs. for a wedding in 6 months village?  It’s helpful to have a specific destination so you know which maps you will need.

Travel Companions -Alright, so who’s with you?  Do you have any friends or family willing to relocate with you or visit temporarily?  Sometimes a short-term travel companion is better than none.  Even moral support from afar can go a long way when we start to feel lonely in our new routine.  Sometimes, we feel we have no support at all -even saboteurs.  People who buy our favorite fat & salt enriched foods just when we have become motivated to leave them behind.

Change can be tough for those around us. They may internally question if they will need to change, too.  In essence, they may fear being trapped on this island with you.  You are their best drinking buddy. Resistance from others can be part of the process, but sometimes explaining or including them in the details may make change go a little smoother.

When -Timing can determine a smooth or rocky transition.  Poor timing for multiple reasons can mean another diet attempt gone bust.  Like any relocation or vacation we may need to pull out the long range calendar to foresee events that could interrupt the journey.   Holiday seasons, birthdays, job changes, school starting can all be events that may require extra consideration.  This also might help you define a clear start date, which would allow you time to let others know of your intentions and when you will need support.

Starting or getting back to a routine can be very anxiety provoking whether we are aware of it or not.  However, with planning and social support the journey can be so much easier and enduring. As a reminder, WellPledge members can get custom support and planning as part of their membership. The app has recipes and other helpful tips built in.  Just ask your coach to guide you.

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